Wearing Beautiful Homecoming Dresses Will Make You More Attractive

The homecoming dress you buy would portray your sense of style and fashion, therefore it is very important to choose the dress wisely. It would reflect your complete personality and therefore, it would not be wise to settle for anything you are not satisfied with. For special clients like you many companies have come with an exclusive range of cheap homecoming dresses that are high in look and low in prices. Choose a graceful dress for you this season to highlight your assets. The best dress would not necessarily be expensive.

Because not every homecoming dress will be flattering to each body type, you should begin your search for the perfect frock by first assessing your body shape. Stand in front of the mirror and evaluate your body – but whatever you do, don’t spent time criticizing your body – you’re perfect the way you are! Instead, evaluate your body objectively and use the information you learn to choose homecoming dresses that will enhance your best features.

Below we have put together a guide listing several body types and the dresses for homecoming that work best for these shapes. Don’t worry if you find that your features fit one, two, or three of these body types at once – each body is different. Simply choose the set of features that sound like they fit you the best!

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Select Your Unique Homecoming Dresses

Dresses are the only thing that can enhance the beauty of a lady and celebrity dresses are the dream of every woman. Every woman wants to look like a celebrity and most importantly when you are going out for a party or any occasion you want a dress that makes you more beautiful.

A suitable dress tends to be less formal than prom dress, so it is highly recommended to choose a short or knee-length cocktail skirt. Among all these dresses, there are many styles and design that you can choose from including sweetheart neckline, off-the-shoulder design, spaghetti straps, ruffles and so on. These are the classical styles for homecoming. And you can remember that a homecoming dress should not be too expensive. The most important factor you should take into account is that you should be absolutely confident in your beautiful one shoulder homecoming dresses.

This celebrity homecoming dress is made up of high quality material and is comfortable to wear and really soft like feather in touch. This dress is actually designed for beautiful ladies like you. So get your celebrity dress and be the most charming one in the party. You can customize these celebrity dresses according to your size and fondness easily.

The formal homecoming dresses that are provided to you by the site are most unique in design and help you to look unique and beautiful from others. These formal homecomings dresses are provided to you at a very reasonable cost and with variety of option that are provided to you so that you can choose the best from them.

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Renovation, at what cost?

Raman specifically says this in his acclaimed book: We cannot leave this short study of the architecture of the Thiruvottriyur temple without quoting expert opinion about it, according to which, The perfect condition of the central shrine, the closed hall, the surrounding verandah enshrining the minor deities, the prakaras and the group of small temples in its courtyard make the Adipurisvarar temple a perfect model of temples built in the orthodox style and must, in my opinion, be protected scrupulously from any possible danger from vandalistic hands.

This is exactly what has happened at the Adipurisvarar temple at Tiruvottriyur. For the past several weeks, the temple has come under relentless assault. The result: the floor of the corridor around the perfect central shrine has been dug up; inscriptions of the Pallava and Chola kings laid on the floor prised out, thrown around and broken into pieces; a long mosaic pedestal built to house the sculptures of 64 Saivite saints; Sivalingams and their pedestals, installed behind the main sanctum, yanked out and thrown around; the outer granite walls of Murugan shrine and the Kuzhandai Easwaran shrine, belonging to the Vijayanagara period,Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. needlessly cemented up with a few inches of concrete; and a concrete mantap built in front of the granite-pillared mantap of these two shrines.

All this has been done, in violation of Government Orders and the canons of preservation and conservation of ancient temples. Besides, hundreds of garishly painted figurines of Nandi, Sivalingams and Bootha Ganas have been erected on top of thetall prakara wall of the temple; scores of beautiful sculptures of prancing horses, Krishna playing the flute, dancing maidens, wrestlers in action, shepherds shivering in winter-day cold, situated in the Vijayanagara period mantapa, have been painted with a thick coat of polyurethane; and the spacious granite floor of the Tiruvottriyur Easwaran shrine and Vadivudai Amman shrine, removed and relaid with polished granite slabs.

All this assault has taken place right under the nose of the officials of the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR and CE) Department of theTamil Nadu Government, in the name of renovating the temple for kumbabishekham. The irony is that Dr. R. Nagaswamy, former Director, Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department, made this observation on August 24, 2013: The greatest temple which attracted almost all the Chola kings between 900 ACE and 1300 ACE is the Adipurisvarar temple at Tiruvottriyur. All Chola kings have visited it. The temple has as many as 150 full inscriptions. Not much damage has been done. Dr. Nagaswamy was speaking on Madras under the Cholas at the C.P. Ramawami Aiyar Foundation, Chennai. As he finished his speech and listeners came out, T.R. Ramesh, president, Temple Worshippers Society, showed them the pictures of what was happening at the Adipurisvarar temple.

What is appalling is that several inscriptions, more than 1,100 years old, which had been laid on the floor in the corridor around the main sanctum, have been dug up and thrown around and some of them are broken into pieces.

Satyamurthy, former Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, who has been involved in the conservation of several ancient temples, said, Without any knowledge of conservation, the renovators are dismantling and reconstructing temples because it is easier to reconstruct them than conserve them.My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers. The Tiruvottriyur temple has attracted attention because the temple is in Chennai. But such atrocities are taking place in hundreds of temples across Tamil Nadu. Indeed, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) Heritage Committee has declared the Adipurisvarar temple and the Marundisvarartemple at Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai, as Grade I heritage structures, meriting importance. Any renovation in these temples should get the clearance from the CMDA Heritage Committee. Did the HR and CE get the permission from the committee, asked a conservationist.

When contacted, P. Dhanapal, Commissioner, HR and CE Department, said the flooring of the corridor around the Adipurisvarar sanctum was being relaid because the original granite stones were uneven, some had sunk even to a depth of several inches and people could not walk. We are using only unpolished granite slabs for re-flooring, he claimed. The Sivalingams had earlier been placed on irregular pedestals and so we are re-organising the lingams, he said. The inscriptions had been wrongly placed in the past on the floor. They were being removed now to be installed in a suitable place. The Sivalingams had not been thrown around and no Avudiayar (pedestal) had been broken, Mr. Dhanapal said. It was under the advice of the Archaelogy Department that polyurethane coating had been given to sculptures, he added.

Jothilakshmi, the temples Executive Officer and Assistant Commissioner, HR and CE, said the temples renovation was taking place only after obtaining the opinion of the chief sthapati and the advice of the engineers and estimates were prepared. The granite floor around the main sanctum was being relaid because it suffered from undulation. The newly built cement concrete mantaps in front of the Murugan and Kulandai Easwaran shrines were built because the devotees wanted shade.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles?

The Festival of Trees Committee, which hosts an annual event during the holiday season, is considering using the facility, she said. Proceeds from the Festival of Trees will benefit the Miracle League. The group will need permission from the Recreation Commission, which currently leases Legion Field.

The City Council voted in May to terminate that lease agreement, effective Jan. 1, in order to begin the conversion into an entertainment venue, complete with ampitheater, a rebuilt pavilion area, new entries and remodeling of the existing building.

The roof must be stabilized to make the building habitable, along with a few other improvements, which Knight said the citys facilities maintenance staff and volunteers will handle.

As for how the full project will be funded, There is not a definite cost estimate at this time. We are taking this project one step at a time. We will be exploring the options (of) private donation to assist with the costs, but have not begun this process, Knight said.

Planning Director Randy Vinson, who has designed a model of the planned facilities, previously said they will include an ampitheater with a bandshell that is 36 feet tall and 36 feet across at the stage opening.It is designed to be constructed out of rough-sawn pine that we will have milled from trees at the citys land application facility, he said.The concrete slab stage will sit on a 4 foot tall granite base and be sited in the southwest corner of the park facing out toward U.S. Hwy. 278.

The intent is to use the traditional form of a bandshell to help direct the sound out toward the audience, thereby reducing the need for amplification as well as keeping the sound directed toward the more commercial areas and away from the residential areas, he said.Plans also include a 150 x 38-foot pavilion to be constructed out of rough-sawn pine timbers, with granite bases at each column and pine columns and beams holding the roof structure.

The design will be similar to the pavilions in Turner Lake Park and Clarks Grove and will be placed where the old pavilion was,Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices. Vinson said.The existing fair building will be renovated and the restrooms will be upgraded. We would like to put a new granite veneer base below the window sills, open up the blocked in windows and add operable wooden shutters to protect the windows when the building is not in use, he added.

We will also build a monumental gateway into the park off Mill Street out of rough-sawn pine with a granite base. The gateway will be large enough to accommodate tractor-trailers, he continued. The same design for the monumental gateway can be used in a scaled down version at two new proposed pedestrian access points, one near the YMCA parking lot and the other at the end of Sockwell Street.Shop Floor & Decor for the largest selection of Xiamen Shun Stone Granite tiles at everyday low prices. Upgrade your home today!
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Red tape limits African trade more than graft

STIFLING red tape rather than corruption is the main inhibitor to trade in Africa, says Christo Wiese, chairman of Shoprite Holdings and Pepkor.Speaking at the Cape Town Press Club on Wednesday, Mr Wiese said intra-African trade only consists of 15% of the continents total movement of goods and services, while the remaining 85% is with the rest of the world.You will never need to change the bulbs and your granitetrade will last for years and years.

Quoting his Shoprite Holdings CEO Whitey Basson,Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. Mr Wiese said about 1,600 different forms had to be filled in, most of them required by the South African government, in order to move goods between this country and Mozambique.”Much more than corruption, it is the stifling red tape in Africa that is inhibiting trade,” Mr Wiese said.

In a report examining the barriers that curb cross-border trade on the continent? the World Bank said Africas largest retailer, Shoprite, spends a hefty $20?000 a week on import permits to truck meat? milk and other goods to its stores in Zambia alone.”For all countries it operates in? approximately 100 single entry import permits are applied for every week; this can rise up to 300 per week in peak periods?” the World Bank said in February.Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices.

“As a result of these and other requirements? there can be up to 1?600 documents accompanying each truck Shoprite sends with a load that crosses a border in the region.”Despite that, and many other problems that face South Africa and the rest of the continent, Mr Wiese remains upbeat about the future and what is happening commercially and politically. He said at the recent Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Business Council summit,What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles? participants were told by African businessman Mo Ibrahim that foreign investors were welcome, “but they just had to leave their brown paper envelopes at home”.

Mr Wiese said there was plenty of money to be made in Africa if business is conducted in a transparent manner. He said that Shoprite now operated in 17 countries, “and never once did we have to pay a bribe”.Mr Wiese said when Shoprite decided to move into a particular country it followed a programme of first meeting either the president, or prime minister, or other high-ranking government officials.

“They all welcomed us with open arms, because they knew we were there to uplift the living standards of their people,” he said.While Mr Wiese supports the goals of the National Development Plan, he cautioned that a major fault with developmental economics in particular, is that the goals were often set too high and were therefore unattainable. He said the average US citizen consumed 400 times as much as a person living in Mali and if development had to aim for people to consume the same as an American, the Earth would have to be three times as large as it is.

The stellar role bestowed to social impact assessment (SIA) in the land acquisition bill mainstreams concerns over the “cost” of development, but its ambit could spell severe overreach that can tie up projects in swathes of red tape.

Ensuring land acquisition is resorted to only if necessary and providing adequate compensation to the displaced is both politically correct and socially desirable, but the devil may lie in the provisions’ fine print.

The social impact of a project within a prescribed timeframe covers not only directly affected people, but those residing nearby as well and takes into account factors such as the likely fallout on burial and cremation grounds.

Seeking to arrive at a cost-benefit analysis of a project, the SIA will look at public and community properties, infrastructure such as roads, public transport, drainage, sanitation, drinking water for people and cattle, community ponds, grazing land and plantations.

It will also examine public utilities like post offices,My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers. fair price shops, food storage, electricity supply, healthcare, schools and training facilities, anganwadis, children parks, places of worship and land for traditional tribal institutions.

The list is not complete and an expert committee can frame its inquiry keeping in mind the bill’s intent that no significant aspect should be discounted. As there are no easy yardsticks for such assessment, carrying out the study can be a daunting task.In a bid to envision all scenarios, the bill could defeat its very objectives like providing fair compensation to displaced people or protecting them from unnecessary dislocation as the process seems too long drawn.

In an effort to write into law iron-clad protection for all likely displaced people, the bill seeks to frame a SIA that can end up duplicating or elaborating several aspects of the environment impact assessment most projects need.Public hearings or gram sabha consultations increase transparency, but can be time consuming while concluding whether a project serves public purpose, if its benefits can be judged in the immediate context or future deliverables is often a subjective decision.

A social impact study to assess cost to livelihoods and environment, which adjusted against economic benefits, can provide the “real” growth accruing from a policy decision is quite revolutionary when made a mandatory part of decision-making.The question is if assessing the multi-dimensional fallout on a vastly increased number of beneficiaries that includes non-land owners runs the risk of spawning a bureaucratic nightmare where means become an end in themselves.

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Miami and FAU expecting

For any team, pregame tape study can only go so far. For a season opener, it won’t even stretch to those normal levels. Both squads will be displaying new offenses, some different looks and players on defense and, in FAU’s case, a new quarterback.Because of that, both teams expect the first few series of Friday’s game to be a feeling-out period. The squads will see if their preconceptions of their opponents hold true, but either way, they’ll adapt to what they see on the field.

By the time the second half starts, both teams could have scrapped their offensive and defensive game plans, piecing together new ones on the sidelines amid a cacophony of yelling and whiteboard scribbling.”Opening games are tricky, they always are,” Miami coach Al Golden said. “They really take a lot of your energy. They take a lot of focus. A lot of contingency plans. … You have no idea what they have planned. That’s taking all of our energy.”

“Not just halftime, even in between series, you have to have the whiteboards ready to go and you got to be ready to make some adjustments on the fly,” Pelini said. “It’s a good experience for our young guys, on defense especially, to have to do that and then go out and execute those changes.”

The two-sided ambiguity of the game will take time to dissipate, but Miami quarterback Stephen Morris said that the Hurricanes will enter Friday’s game with a simple script for the first few series of the game.

“I think our biggest thing is that we’re going to run our plays that we run really well,” Morris said. “We’re going to call plays that we run high repetitions at so that we understand that if it’s against any coverage or any look we can run it efficiently.Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape.”

Unbeknownst to Morris, the FAU defense is looking to do the same thing. Last year, the Owls worked out a five-defensive back base defense to combat the spread-happy Sun Belt Conference. The Hurricanes like to throw the ball, but FAU defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis said that the Owls will do their best to play in a typical 4-3 base and match players to best defend the Hurricanes’ substitutions.Choose your favorite China Granite Countertops paintings from thousands of available designs.

There’s another factor to Friday’s game as well. Even though it’s the first-ever matchup between two South Florida schools, both coaches are expecting a lot of emotion to pour out onto the field.”We know it’s going to be a heated game here Friday night between a lot of kids who know each other and that’s the way it should be,” Golden continued. “That’s the way college football should be.”

Pelini is especially concerned about that opening energy. While the Hurricanes are the heavy favorites in the game, FAU will be playing for more than the upset. Several FAU players said this week that they grew up Miami Hurricanes fans but weren’t recruited by the school. They’re looking to prove to the region’s powerhouse that they missed out, but Pelini has issued a stern warning to his players not to make the game personal.

“The emotion will take care of itself,” Pelini said.Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. “But if this game becomes personal, we’re in trouble. It can’t be personal. It has to be about the fundamentals of the game and taking care of our execution.

“The emotion of playing another South Florida team will only carry you so far. It’ll carry you a few plays into the game, then you have to be ready conditioning-wise, in terms of your focus, in terms of your fundamentals, to maintain a high level of play for four quarters.”

Once again, the Red Sox won a game in which the whole proved greater than the sum of the parts. On Wednesday, the team claimed yet another blue-collar,My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers. lunch-pail, come-from-behind victory when Mike Carp plunked an RBI single just over the head of Orioles third baseman Manny Machado in the bottom of the eighth to give Boston a 4-3 win.

This was yet another instance of a roster where the parts seem to fit together perfectly. The equally sized pieces mesh. Few stick out. The 20 victories in the team’s last at-bat and 30 come-from-behind victories have reflected upon the contributions of an entire roster rather than a single player offering to shoulder the load for an entire team.

The 2013 Red Sox, to date, have been a repudiation of the star-centric model upon which the failures of 2011 and 2012 were constructed.You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup. Few will suggest that a NESN memo advocating a wealth of sexiness dictated the construction of the roster. Instead, the lineup is predicated on its one-through-nine depth instead of the hope of elite contributions from a few. The starting staff — built last year around the hope that Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Josh Beckett and duct tape could hold together for five games at a time — now runs deep in what would be characterized as a wealth of quality mid-rotation starters.

The offense is a team that seemingly features an assembly line of players, almost all of whom have on-base percentages in the .330s or .340s with slugging marks in the low-.400s. There are exceptions — the most notable being David Ortiz, who despite his 0-for-18 tailspin still is hitting .313 with a .393 OBP and .563 slugging mark — but by and large, the variations on a template have been subtle. Indeed, the Sox are not merely a one-through-nine team but more accurately a one-through-13 offense, with the feel of the lineup changing little whether role players like Carp and Jonny Gomes start or come off the bench to impact the late innings.

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Syrias Deadly Bureaucracy

The latest chemical attack,My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers. which allegedly killed hundreds in Damascus, will worsen the humanitarian disaster in Syria. Last week, the UN registered the one millionth Syrian child refugee. Earlier in the month, the UN also confirmed what many already suspectedthat over 100,000 people have now died in the battle for Syria. Paulo Srgio Pinheiro, chair of the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, responded with a phrase which could encapsulate the conflict, stating that it is not enough to be appalled.

As international intervention looms, the humanitarian crisis worsens and the boundaries of civilized behavior continue to crumble, it is important to understand that it is not just the Syrian regimes tanks, aircraft, or possible use of chemical weapons, nor the oppositions motley array,Choose your favorite China Granite Countertops paintings from thousands of available designs. of weaponry that are killing people. Bureaucracy, both inside and outside the country, is increasingly acting to accentuate the fallout from the conflict, with a host of deadly consequences. It has become a weapon of war, manifested through paperwork, checkpoints and sieges, which are resulting in the denial of access to lifesaving medical care.

Long before the 2011 uprising began, the regime in Damascus oversaw an Orwellian bureaucratic state characterized by a lethargic, bloated civil service and an enormously opaque set of repressive laws. Despite the retreat of the regimes control, this bureaucracy continues to underpin what remains, and often undermines and obstructs, the humanitarian response to the conflict. Learning from their enemy on a far smaller, but equally worrying, scale, opposition fighters are beginning to restrict aid within their zones of control, in Aleppo in particular.

Outside the country, regional players struggle to mitigate the consequences of hundreds of thousands of Syrians crossing their borders. While their generosity is widely acknowledged, there are politics at play, with border crossing closures and registration issues that need to be addressed. Meanwhile, the international response to the conflict continues to be typified by division, even while some Western actors prepare for armed intervention. Those professing to support the relief effort are finding themselves bogged down in legislative and legal delays.

It is always important to put into context the scale of the challenge at hand. Syrias population numbers around 22.5 millionand today a staggering 4.25 million, almost one in five Syrians, are estimated to be internally displaced. As for external refugees, around 6,000 people flee the country on an average day according to the UN. Those who have fled their homes continue to live a precarious existence, as most aid agencies cannot get to them. War Child surmised the two challenges providers of aid face: The government wont allow it and the security situation is too unstable. With the humanitarian situation becoming ever more desperate and half the population is estimated to become dependent on aid by the end of the year, government restrictions on aid and persistent insecurity could spell death for many Syrians.

Hugh Fenton, chair of the Syrian INGO Regional Forum, lamented the state of humanitarian aid in Syria: The Syrian crisis is our largest challenge as humanitarian agencies worldwide. We are trying to help millions of people. The frustrations of knowing that many people are unable to access the aid they need is indescribable. Many people are trapped by violence or such insecurity that we cannot reach them. According to the European Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO), only one new International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) has been validated by the Syrian authorities in recent months, bringing the total number of INGOs formally allowed to operate in the country to a paltry twelve. Moreover, ECHO also revealed that the list of 110 local NGOs authorized by the Syrian government to support the work of international aid agencies had been cut down to sixty by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Some aid agencies continue to work unofficially inside the country but its workers are vulnerable to kidnapping and, of course, the rampant insecurity that comes from a conflict typified by the firing of unguided missiles into built-up urban areas.

Syrias international borders have become more theoretical than real, yet inside the country the checkpoint has become the oppressive manifestation of sovereignty. The aid that is allowed to enter the country must run a gauntlet of paperwork and these ubiquitous checkpoints. In June, the UN reported that their agencies were increasingly facing obstacles and delays in gaining approval to dispatch medical supplies across the country. They blamed lengthy customs procedures for the import of humanitarian goods and equipment for undermining the efficiency of the aid operation.

The UN is unable to cross borders into Syria without the regimes permission, and has only been able to secure approval for a handful of convoys, as each requires a Syrian minister to grant permission. In April, a UN inter-agency mission delivered urgent humanitarian assistance across the front lines. On their way from Damascus to Aleppo, normally about a four-hour drive, the convoy encouYou Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup.ntered more than fifty checkpoints. In July,Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape. UN spokesperson Martin Nesirky told reporters in New York that the proliferation of checkpoints are slowing down movement of humanitarian goods, and bureaucratic processes continue to delay aid delivery and impede the efficiency of the emergency response. Access constraints and bureaucracy slow down aid delivery while violence continues unabated in many parts of the country. As a result, access is further limited across many locations known to have considerable needs,Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. especially in the eastern governorates, as well as in rural Damascus and Deraa.

Under international humanitarian law, belligerent parties are obliged to allow and facilitate rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief for civilians. They must also allow civilians in areas besieged by fighting to leave for safer areas should they wish to do so. Reports from Homs have revealed that the Syrian government has used access to aid as a bargaining chip in conjunction with the threat or reality of military attack. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has labeled such arbitrary denial of aid a war crime. According to interviews on Skype with opposition fighters and the US-based Institute for the Study of War, the regime offered considerable humanitarian aid deliveries, the resumption of basic services in the town, and the protection of civilians and surrendering fighters in return for a negotiated regime takeover.

The absence of safe zones and humanitarian corridors means that there is a steadily shrinking humanitarian space in the country. In July, Tamara Alrifai, the advocacy and communications director for the Middle East and North Africa division at HRW, wrote that the regimes actions in denying humanitarian access to the town of Al-Qusayr violates international humanitarian law, which requires fighting forces to spare civilians and allow them rapid access to medical care and other humanitarian relief. In Al-Qusayr, Homs and Damascus, the Syrian government has not allowed the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to evacuate citizens, and the opposition has been using the same tactics in at least two cities. According to the ICRC, Aleppos central prison had been sealed off for months, and the ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent received reports of an acute shortage of food for prison inmates. The organization has revealed that reaching people in areas encircled by government forces or the various armed opposition groups remains one of the toughest challenges the ICRC faces in Syria.

The opposition appears to be getting in on the act of playing politics with aid as the conflict becomes more savage. In July, a resident of Aleppo told Al-Monitor that as a crippling, deadly siege was blighting the regime-controlled west of the city, people braved danger and crossed over to the rebel side to buy groceries to feed their families. They were beaten and humiliated by the rebels manning the crossing there, the paltry bags of food they had with them taken away or thrown on the ground. Let the regime feed you or Go lift the siege on Homs first were some of the things shouted at them. Toward the end of July, the opposition Syrian National Coalition was forced to issue a press release that stressed that the Syrian Coalition stresses that Syrian people are all equal, and that discrimination in terms of humanitarian assistance is completely unacceptable. The Coalition rejects Assads policy of collective punishment and reiterates that the welfare of all citizens is one of the Coalitions top priorities.

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American mutt music

Purity, in breeding or music, isnt an American thing. We like to mix it up and guess whose child is whose 10 years later.Lansings Mosaic Music Festival, this weekend at Adado Riverfront Park, has a unique formula for showcasing all-American mutt music in its ever-changing grit and glory.

At night, theres a varied slate of country, rock, roots and Americana bands. In the afternoon, theres a smor gasbord of ethnicflavored music, including Indian, Celtic, Klezmer and Brazilian ensembles.If youre a metalhead or a jazz aficionado, youre not going to be very happy, festival booker Smitty Smith said, naming two notorious hotbeds of purism. If you like anything from rock n roll to folk to country, youll be very happy.

The festival is produced by the Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art, an Old Town nonprofit organization that also puts on JazzFest and BluesFest. The Greater Lansing Labor Council is a major underwriter.These beautiful crystal mosaic are perfect for kitchen, bath, backsplash, pool, and spa.Houwat, a Lansing-area musician who booked the afternoon acts, knows a lot of people in Michigans world music community.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles? Houwat plays the oud (Middle Eastern lute) in his own band, Wisaal. By design, he closed Sunday afternoon with wild Irish-rock pioneers The Lash.

I tried to slowly transition into more American-sounding music, whatever that means, he said with a laugh.Most of the ethnic ensembles at Mosaic mix things up a bit too much to play at a carefully curated folk festival, but Houwat said thats the way the world is going.

America was always a melting pot, but even in the rest of the world, theres no such thing as a pure tradition where somebody in Afghanistan decides, This is the music were going to play for centuries, Houwat said.Mosaics evening slate plops down a deep bucket of music from Detroits Americana-country scene this year. That scene is pretty vibrant but not well known to a lot of people, Smith said. After hearing them, some folks may want to head to Detroits Park Bar or Corktown for more.

Its a varied bunch. John Holks country rock blend includes the sad twang of Hank Williams and the euphoric jangle of The Byrds. Lewis writes and sings with a forthright, tolling urgency that recalls Bob Dylan on an articulate night. She came up in Detroit coffeeshops, bars and flea markets and also has a strong presence in Chicago. Another Motown mainstay, Ryan Dilliha, deploys a nasal honk lifted from Dylans Lay Lady Lay period to sing a hybrid country rock he calls Detroit Americana.

Even the non-Detroit acts owe some thing to the Motor City. The North Country Flyers are mid-Michigan guys who grew up on Motown and Bob Seger what lead singer Brian Cole calls sturdy stuff. All their influences pile into an Alabama-meets-Eagles country-rock ride lubricated by yearning harmonies a la Crosby, Stills & Nash.Jen Sygit, arguably Lansings premier singer-songwriter, will play Sunday with longtime collaborator Sam Corbin, but shes more than a performer at Mosaic.Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use. Knowing many of this years Mosaic bands arent familiar to Lansing audiences, Smith cited Sygits appeal as a touchstone for the whole festival.

You can use Jen as the barometer, Smith said. If anybodys into her music, theyre going to be into all these bands.Its Sygits first time at the Mosaic festival, and shes pleased with its focus on local musicians.I dont need to listen to a national pop star, she said. Theres plenty of good stuff going on right in my neighborhood that is just as good, and maybe a little better.

Sygit said music festivals like Mosaic are also great for gathering new ideas and striking up new collaborations.I definitely want to check out some of the other acts, she said. Im actually not familiar with some of them, and if youve been playing for a long time, its kind of exciting to find stuff you havent checked out before. And thats how the next litter of all-American mutts is born.

Most recently the departments assistant deputy chief management officer, Wennergren also served as deputy assistant secretary of Defense for information management, integration and technology after a stint as the DODs deputy chief information officer, among his many roles.

Wennergren recently joined CACI International as vice president of the Arlington, Va.-based intelligence, defense, homeland security, IT and business transformation firms enterprise technologies and services group.

In that role,aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. he will run the groups opportunity management and customer delivery practices and work to help evolve (CACIs) capabilities to support the governments most critical information solutions and services requirements, said President and CEO Ken Asbury.

As I was graduating from college, I got a call from the Navy to interview to be a management analyst. I was quickly hooked and I never looked back as one adventure led to another in service to the nation and working for the Department of Defense.

You get a wonderful leadership opportunity at a young age. I kept getting opportunities to do more things to help defend the nation. Its hard to believe its almost 33 years later. I remember when I went to work at that first job and they told me I could retire in 2012 and that just seemed so far away at that moment.

For me, as an extrovert, I think that it really all comes down to the people. Through many jobs, more than 26 years of working at the Department of the Navy and then the last six years working for the Secretary of Defense, the common theme throughout has been being surrounded by men and women who have chosen careers of service and sacrifice for the nation.

There is an energy and enthusiasm in that shared sense of commitment from people who make those choices C it is both inspiring and a motivating force. As I look back, one of the things that will always stay with me is the joy having worked with so many great leaders, bosses and co-workers C people that made a profound difference to me and to others.

Ive had a tremendous number of leadership opportunities and a lot of great jobs. I was the Chief Information Officer for the Department of the Navy, then Deputy CIO for the Defense Department. Ive been really blessed by a lot of wonderful opportunities to make a difference.

It seems to be so easy to be hypercritical nowadays, and we often dont take the time to recognize that the people that are doing these jobs C and I mean that total force, the military personnel, civil servants and contractors from companies like CACI and others are working together and accomplishing great things. It is crucial that rather than just focusing on whats not right,In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification. that we take the time to recognize the successes that are taking place, and Ive witnessed a lot of great successes over the years.

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Hands-free camera best part of Google Glass

To get a sense of the advantages and drawbacks of the device, The Associated Press spoke to three Glass owners who have been using the device since late spring: Sarah Hill, a former TV broadcaster and current military veterans advocate; David Levy,aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations. a hiking enthusiast and small-business owner; and Deborah Lee, a stay-at-home mom.Glass is designed to work like a smartphone thats worn like a pair of glasses. Although it looks like a prop from a science fiction movie, the device is capturing imaginations beyond the realm of nerds.

The trios favorite feature, by far, is the hands-free camera that shoots photos and video through voice commands. (Images also can be captured by pressing a small button along the top of the right frame of Glass.) They also liked being able to connect to the Internet simply by tapping on the right frame of Glass to turn it on and then swiping along the same side to scroll through a menu. That menu allows them to do such things as get directions on Googles map or find a piece of information through Googles search engine. The information is shown on a thumbnail-sized transparent screen attached just above the right eye to stay out of a users field of vision.

Among the biggest shortcomings they cited was Glass short battery life, especially if a lot of video is being taken.Glass speaker, which relies on bone conduction technology, also is inadequate, according to the testers the AP interviewed. They said the speaker, which transmits sound through the skull to allow for ambient noise, can be difficult to hear in any environment other than a quiet room.

Hill, 42, a resident of Columbia, Mo., became a Glass evangelist shortly after she picked up the device at Googles New York offices in late May.The liberating aspects of Glass came into sharper focus for Hill as she took a cab to the airport for her flight back to Missouri. During the taxi ride, she began a video call on Google Hangout with people living in Austria, the United Kingdom and St. Louis. As the cab was preparing to drop her off at the curb, Hill was about to end the call so she could carry her baggage.Bring the beauty of nature into your home and enhance your tile designs with natural stone tiles and Xiamen Shun Stone Granite slabs. Then came her first Glass epiphany.

Hill, a former news anchor and reporter for KOMU-TV in Columbia, Mo., believes Glass is destined to transform broadcast journalism by empowering reporters to capture compelling images at scenes without the need for cumbersome equipment.Lee, a New York City resident, has been relying on Glass mostly to capture precious moments with her 9-month-old daughter, Maddie. Her favorite moment came when she photographed some of her daughters first giggles a couple months ago. Lee, 34, told Glass to take the pictures as she as tickled and kissed her daughters tummy.

I was wondering if Glass would feel like a burden or part of my hiking equipment.In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification. It actually feels pretty cool, Levy said. They are totally fine on my head and dont block any of my view. When you see something interesting, you can immediately have a camera on it. I really enjoy being able to capture those images.Some analysts question whether Glass will have mass appeal once it hits the market. Skeptics who have seen the early participants walking around wearing Glass believe the device will eventually be remembered as a geeky curiosity that never lived up to its hype, similar to the Segway, the two-wheeled, self-balancing scooters that remain an anomaly more than a decade after they first went on sale.

Angela McIntyre, a research director for Gartner Inc., believes the retail price for Glass will have to plummet to $200 to make a significant dent. Early testers had to pay $1,500 for the device, though Google hopes to bring that price down by the time of its mass-market release next year.At first, Kuennens interactions with Theis were positive and encouraging. In an email to Theis in May 2010, Kuennen prepped Theis for the first of his many public hearings.

It appears you are doing all of the right things in preparation for the hearings. I appreciate that you have continued to address facts, and not gotten caught up in emotional arguments, Kuennen wrote to Theis. She offered suggestions that Theis have his supporters continue to contact the county commissioners in order to strengthen his cause.

The helpful tone continued through 2011, when Theis found the site in Wells Township on which he will build Motokazieland this year. Email correspondence shows that Kuennen acted as a liaison,Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use. sharing information between the Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce, then county administrator Gary Weiers, Theis and planning and zoning about issues such as utility easements, township costs, possible annexation and more.

But after having been told, for litigation purposes, not to interact with Theis, there is no record that Kuennen gave much help to Theis ever again after February 2012. Kuennen forwarded some of Theiss questions to Runkel in Octiober and December of 2012, but did not contact him again via email until February of this year, when she responded to his questions about tax assistance by sending him forms that were available on the county website.

Between December 2012 and August 2013, Theis had some of his most important public hearings to date. When the board discussed putting a moratorium in January on commercial recreation, Kuennen did not attend. His Environmental Assessment Worksheet passed. Three Rice County Planning Commission meetings reviewed his conditional use permit applications. And then, finally, on Aug. 13, when the board finally passed Theis CUPs, Kuennen still did not attend.

In January of 2013 I again asked for Deanna to attend meetings on my behalf (since we were finished with the MK lawsuit and my plan was stripped of go karts, snowmobiles and ATV race), Theis said in an email interview. I specifically asked that even if we were not talking about a tax abatement program,What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles? that I would really see benefit to her comments about the positives of the project. She was unable to attend. This just adds to my frustration about this project.

Many advocates for Motokazieland have said as much over the years. But president of the Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce Kymn Anderson said the words of county staff are different than the words of the general public.

Motokazie, because it is such an unusual project, could have benefited from her perspective, Anderson said. If she had been able to speak before the board, she would have been able to reduce the rhetoric. Why couldnt there be that voice of factual information? Weve seen that from her office before and she was noticeably absent.

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Russia potash row causing market tumult

The global potash market could suffer short-term turbulence as it faces a potentially large price drop because of an escalating dispute between major exporters Russia and Belarus over the collapse of their once-mighty cartel.Belarus this week detained the chief executive of Russia’s Uralkali, the world’s top potash producer, accusing him of inflicting severe economic damage.

Moscow demanded the release of CEO Vladislav Baumgertner. Uralkali controls 20 percent of the world market and is partially owned by Suleiman Kerimov, a billionaire with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s administration.”We are very concerned as to how things will develop next. Chinese firms must have suspended signing any deals before the situation becomes clear,” said a Chinese industry source familiar with the strategies of potash buyers.

The detention is an escalation of a dispute between Uralkali and state-owned Belaruskali that has led to the breakup of trade partnership Belarusian Potash Company (BPC). Some key importers are now thinking about suspending purchasing talks until the matter is clarified and it becomes clearer where potash prices are headed.

Belarus also put four managers from Uralkali on Interpol’s wanted list, including sales head Oleg Petrov. It remains unclear whether he can travel for talks to China or India, two of the world’s biggest users of the crop nutrient.The breakup could be a major hit to Belarus, which generates over a tenth of its budget revenues from potash exports. A threat by Belarus to hold Baumgertner for at least two months suggests there is little hope of reconciliation.

“The way developments are happening, it is adding to bitterness,” said a senior official with a leading Indian potash importer. “I don’t think Uralkali and Belaruskali can come together again. It is (certain) there would be cutthroat competition among suppliers, which is good for buyers,”China imports about half of the 10-11 million tonnes of potash it uses each year. Potash use in India, which relies on imports, has almost halved to 3.5 million due to rising prices.

Stocks in India are ample and there is no need for Indian buyers to rush into new deals until there is more clarity on prices, said an official with Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers, who was not authorized to speak publicly.One North American producer also says buyers are in a waiting mood.

“While the Russian-Belarusian statements and recent actions have created uncertainty in the potash market, it is business as usual, although I think it’s fair to say buyers are only buying what they need,” said Richard Downey, spokesman for Canadian potash producer Agrium.Retail fertilizer dealers are already storing stockpiles that are smaller than usual, and the uncertainty might make them even more hesitant to buy the crop nutrient, Dillier said.What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles?

That thinking could backfire and leave them with a shortage if U.S. farmers get favorable weather in October and November and decide to apply fertilizer.”It does complicate things all the way through,” Dillier said. “It’s a crazy time in fertilizer in general and particularly in potash.”

The dispute between Russia and Belarus has not prevented Growmark from buying potash from Uralkali, one of its main suppliers along with Potash Corp and Mosaic, Dillier said.An industry source said he believed fiercer competition in the potash market would draw in Canpotex, whose members traditionally adjust production to support prices.

‘A lot have straightforward statements, but some of them do have personal letters and touches,Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use. and a bit more detail about whats happening.’The wills, classed as official records, were only previously accessible through direct requests.But very few people knew of their existence in the first place, and it is understood the Ministry of Justice – which ultimately owns the documents – only became fully aware of the archive of soldiers wills following a freedom of information request some years ago.What makes the wills interesting to historians and genealogists is the fact they have been written by the soldiers, rather than officials, as in the case of census data or birth records.

Mr Apthorpe said the documents had never been released to the wills beneficiaries because as public records they belonged to the then War Office and the government.The short-form wills presented on small pieces of paper were often handed to soldiers by their company officers and senior non-commissioned officers to be completed before embarkation for a theatre of the war, which raged across the globe from July 1914 until November 1918.

There was just enough space for the soldier to identify his chosen beneficiaries and the amount of money or object he wished to bequeath.Bring the beauty of nature into your home and enhance your tile designs with natural stone tiles and Xiamen Shun Stone Granite slabs.In many cases the wills were not witnessed, however there are a few examples where soldiers ‘to the left and right’ had signed the will of a squad mate while standing in the trenches, according to the companys archivists.

These were sealed in envelopes, sometimes together with a personal letter, and then placed in larger envelopes marked as Informal Will.With such a precious store of records, security at the facility is tight, Mr Apthorpe said.

‘Security is paramount, so theres a number of measures in place to stop unauthorised access,aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations.’ he said.’These are records that must be kept forever, in effect, so they are kept in environmentally-controlled chambers.’Theres 32 such chambers in this building and with 250,000 boxes with 41 million wills,In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification. theres an awful lot of information that needs to be protected.’
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Andreessen Horowitz Bets

Venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is backing a startup that brings elements of car-sharing services like Zipcar into the stodgy world of corporate- and government-owned vehicle fleets.Andreessen Horowitz is announcing Wednesday a $6 million investment in Local Motion, based in Burlingame, Calif. Former Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky also is joining Local Motions board.

Local Motions pitch is it can make it far easier for companies with fleets of delivery trucks, maintenance vans and other pooled cars to put them to more efficient use.Heres how it works: Companies who sign up get a small gadget installed in each vehicle in their fleet. Local Motion software keeps tabs on which vehicles are needed at what times. Employees can simply walk into a corporate parking lot and unlock any available vehicle using their ID badges or smartphoneseliminating the need to corral keys for shared cars. Local Motion also crunches data on how the cars are used and suggests ways the company or government can cut back on vehicles.

Clment Gires, Local Motions co-founder, says there are tens of millions of cars collectively in corporate and government vehicle fleets, and all of those are inefficiently used today.Local Motion also marks the venture-capital debut for Sinofsky, who until recently was the president of Microsofts Windows division. Sinofsky said a week ago that he would be representing Andreessen Horowitz on startup boards. With the Andreessen Horowitz investment, Sinofsky will become a Local Motion director.

Services such as Local Motion fit into a hot Silicon Valley trend dubbed the sharing economy. This includes services like Airbnb, which lets people rent their homes or rooms to strangers, and services such as Zipcar and ride-sharing startup Lyft.aodepu overspeed governors can cover a broad range of rated loads and speeds and can be applied both to machine roomless and traditional installations.

Local Motion charges customers a subscription fee per vehicle for each month of use. The company declined to detail the size of the fee. Local Motion says Googles Mountain View headquarters and the city of Sacramento are using Local Motions service to manage fleets of cars.Local Motion has its roots in Stanford University,What’s the difference between Marble tiles and Porcelain Tiles? where Gires and John Stanfield discovered a shared an interest in transportation.

Gires had worked on the Paris bike sharing program, Velib, and Stanfield had invented an engine that generates biodiesel from vegetable oil.Gires and Stanfield started a company whose first product was an electric vehicle meant to be shared, rather than owned by a single person, for short-distance drives. The electric vehicle startup, which relied on a host of sensors and an electronic reservation system, morphed into Local Motion.

For his part, Sinofsky said in an interview that hes been prepping for his new role by talking to transportation managers in cities and to executives who manage fleets. He also said he has been inspired to find smarter solutions for vehicle gluts he has seen firsthand in urban areas like Seattle.

He said a garage near his apartment houses hundreds of white Prius cars that belong to a pooled fleet, and they have to be overseen by an employee with a clipboard who sits on a stool and manages a lock box of keys all day.

To the south,You will never need to change the bulbs and your granitetrade will last for years and years. Myrtle Beach will begin work after Labor Day on an ocean drainage pipe at Fourth Avenue North, said spokesman Mark Kruea. The $8.1 million project is the fourth in Myrtle Beach.Rain events push pollutants into stormwater which ultimately runs to the ocean which leads to high bacteria levels and sometimes swimming advisories or beach closures, Dowling said.

When you have these rain events … that cause beach closures thats when you get bad press nationwide, Dowling said. Its a lot of money, but if you consider all the things that could happen its best to just do the project.

Much of that bad press comes once a year in a report by the National Resources Defense Council, which repeatedly calls beaches in Horry County among the dirtiest in the nation. This summer, the nonprofit environmental organization ranked South Carolina at 26 of the 30 states along the nations shores which include the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes in beach water quality.

Its part of the overall stormwater management system, Kruea said. Its a way to direct rainfall in a way that doesnt create problems … it drains those low lying areas that have a tendency to turn into a pond in heavy rains.

The installation also removes multiple pipes that pour water directly onto the beach.Gives a basic overview of Stone carving tools and demonstrates their use. Kruea said the new pipe at Fourth Avenue North will lead to nine pipes being removed from the beach, while the drainage reconstruction at 14th Avenue North removed 11 stormwater pipes. Kruea said travel near Fourth Avenue North shouldnt be affected by the work and the project is expected to take as long as 10 months to complete.

In North Myrtle Beach, preliminary digging for utility locations within the Main Street Horseshoe will occur in the coming weeks. The Horseshoe, which is a parking lot at the ocean end of Main Street, will be closed for the duration of the project starting Sept. 23. Ocean Boulevard at the intersection with Main Street will also be closed duriThat design and the features have not been created yet, but the citys engineering, planning, and parks and recreation staff are expected to come up with the plan for the Horseshoe the eventually will be presented to North Myrtle Beach City Council, and the public will have an opportunity to provide input.

This is the fifth outfall for the city and Dowling said there likely will be eight or nine more, but it will take years to complete due to the cost. The other outfalls are at 45th Avenue South, 39th Avenue south, 21st Avenue South and Sixth Avenue South. Those four outfalls cost $15 million.In 2009, aodepu successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE certification.

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