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Purity, in breeding or music, isnt an American thing. We like to mix it up and guess whose child is whose 10 years later.Lansings Mosaic Music Festival, this weekend at Adado Riverfront Park, has a unique formula for showcasing all-American mutt music in its ever-changing grit and glory.

At night, theres a varied slate of country, rock, roots and Americana bands. In the afternoon, theres a smor gasbord of ethnicflavored music, including Indian, Celtic, Klezmer and Brazilian ensembles.If youre a metalhead or a jazz aficionado, youre not going to be very happy, festival booker Smitty Smith said, naming two notorious hotbeds of purism. If you like anything from rock n roll to folk to country, youll be very happy.

The festival is produced by the Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art, an Old Town nonprofit organization that also puts on JazzFest and BluesFest. The Greater Lansing Labor Council is a major underwriter.These beautifulcrystal mosaicare perfect for kitchen, bath, backsplash, pool, and spa.Houwat, a Lansing-area musician who booked the afternoon acts, knows a lot of people in Michigans world music community.What’s the difference betweenMarble tilesand Porcelain Tiles? Houwat plays the oud (Middle Eastern lute) in his own band, Wisaal. By design, he closed Sunday afternoon with wild Irish-rock pioneers The Lash.

I tried to slowly transition into more American-sounding music, whatever that means, he said with a laugh.Most of the ethnic ensembles at Mosaic mix things up a bit too much to play at a carefully curated folk festival, but Houwat said thats the way the world is going.

America was always a melting pot, but even in the rest of the world, theres no such thing as a pure tradition where somebody in Afghanistan decides, This is the music were going to play for centuries, Houwat said.Mosaics evening slate plops down a deep bucket of music from Detroits Americana-country scene this year. That scene is pretty vibrant but not well known to a lot of people, Smith said. After hearing them, some folks may want to head to Detroits Park Bar or Corktown for more.

Its a varied bunch. John Holks country rock blend includes the sad twang of Hank Williams and the euphoric jangle of The Byrds. Lewis writes and sings with a forthright, tolling urgency that recalls Bob Dylan on an articulate night. She came up in Detroit coffeeshops, bars and flea markets and also has a strong presence in Chicago. Another Motown mainstay, Ryan Dilliha, deploys a nasal honk lifted from Dylans Lay Lady Lay period to sing a hybrid country rock he calls Detroit Americana.

Even the non-Detroit acts owe some thing to the Motor City. The North Country Flyers are mid-Michigan guys who grew up on Motown and Bob Seger what lead singer Brian Cole calls sturdy stuff. All their influences pile into an Alabama-meets-Eagles country-rock ride lubricated by yearning harmonies a la Crosby, Stills & Nash.Jen Sygit, arguably Lansings premier singer-songwriter, will play Sunday with longtime collaborator Sam Corbin, but shes more than a performer at Mosaic.Gives a basic overview ofStone carvingtools and demonstrates their use. Knowing many of this years Mosaic bands arent familiar to Lansing audiences, Smith cited Sygits appeal as a touchstone for the whole festival.

You can use Jen as the barometer, Smith said. If anybodys into her music, theyre going to be into all these bands.Its Sygits first time at the Mosaic festival, and shes pleased with its focus on local musicians.I dont need to listen to a national pop star, she said. Theres plenty of good stuff going on right in my neighborhood that is just as good, and maybe a little better.

Sygit said music festivals like Mosaic are also great for gathering new ideas and striking up new collaborations.I definitely want to check out some of the other acts, she said. Im actually not familiar with some of them, and if youve been playing for a long time, its kind of exciting to find stuff you havent checked out before. And thats how the next litter of all-American mutts is born.

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