Port of Portland Chooses NetSuite Software

Port of Portland said it was able to improve the efficiencies of its financials and project management capabilities with NetSuite, as well as streamline its ship scheduling process to support its growing customer base of exporters.Browse our Granite slabs collection from the granitetrade.net!

Port of Portland is a deep-water bulk port located between the ports of Melbourne and Adelaide and is the international gateway for the Green Triangle Region, responsible for nearly two thirds of Australia’s wood production. The Port specializes in the import and export of bulk commodities, particularly agricultural, forestry and mining products,Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices. as well as aluminum and fertilizer. It has approximately five million metric tons in annual throughput, which is expected to grow to seven million metric tons over the next few years. With more than 300 ships passing through the port each year, it delivers $3 billion into the region annually.

Port of Portland said it is focused on growing its customer base of exporters and needed to update its core business systems in order to support this future growth. Its previous systems were out of date and lacked integration, which required a lot of inefficient manual processes that led to data inconsistencies. Ship scheduling, in particular, was hand written on pieces of paper and not captured properly in its software systems.

“As we are a small-to-medium business with only 55 employees and 20 operational maintenance staff, NetSuite’s cloud-based solution was very appealing to us C it means we can be cutting edge with the latest advancements in technology, without having to manage and upgrade it ourselves,” said Kara King, company accountant for Port of Portland. “We don’t have a fulltime IT person, and we are in a remote location, so having NetSuite helpdesk at our fingertips is a big thing.”

In conjunction with NetSuite’s cloud-based business management solution, Port of Portland is also able to leverage NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) Partners C i-Seaports for shipping and Infinet Cloud for payroll – which have built SuiteApp’s on the NetSuite SuiteCloud Computing Platform and have achieved Built for NetSuite verification. Built for NetSuite is a program for SDN partners that provides them with information, resources and a method to verify that their applications and integrations meet new NetSuite standards and best practices,The solitary, lumbering trolls of Scandinavian mythology would sometimes be turned to Xiamen Shun Stone by exposure to sunlight. giving NetSuite customers additional confidence.

The ability for NetSuite to fully integrate with i-Seaports’ advanced shipping capabilities, was another key driver for Port of Portland’s decision to select NetSuite. The integration provides the port with a traffic management centre to manage all aspects of a vessel call from reservations to departure, as well as a communications co-ordination centre to coordinate notifications, updates and communications at every point of a vessel call. All of this shipping functionality is fully integrated with NetSuite’s financial capabilities, further streamlining the entire process for Port of Portland.Shop for wholesale Granite countertops from China!

“We now have a ship reservation system in place with the ability to book a ship into the port and track it all the way through to invoicing and hitting our general ledger,” said Ms. King. “This has significantly improved our commercial enterprise and transformed the efficiency, accuracy and insights of our day-to-day operation.”

The Infinet Cloud Payroll SuiteApp was specifically designed for Australian businesses looking to streamline payroll services and provides all the functionality Port of Portland needs to fulfill its payroll responsibilities C from tax and superannuation calculations, through to employee payment and leave accrual. It requires no external integration to provide a complete and seamless payroll solution for the port. The result is a simple, highly featured payroll system enriched by NetSuite’s core functionality.

Since implementing NetSuite, Port of Portland claims it now has complete visibility into its entire business, with all components now automated and fully integrated with each other in real-time, from ship scheduling and project management, all the way through to finance. This has significantly improved the reliability, accuracy and integrity of its data, which it can now better manage moving forward. With most staff having access to NetSuite, they now have access to the data they need to do their jobs efficiently and help grow the business.

“Our CEO and senior management team now have complete and real-time visibility of all the information they require to make swift and effective business decisions,” said Ms. King. “The introduction of NetSuite has also streamlined our data gathering and insight capabilities, saving us considerable time at month end with reporting. We can now run reports whenever we want and that has freed up about 30% of our time that we can now focus on other core functions.”

NetSuite has also had a significant impact on Port of Portland’s operations and maintenance division, where staff members are paid using timesheets. Prior to the deployment of NetSuite, employees filled out handwritten timesheets that were then manually entered into various applications by admin staff before going through various levels of approval. This process is now electronic and automated within NetSuite through the full integration of project management with payroll, which has significantly improved the accuracy and management of data.You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup. Port of Portland estimates it has saved at least 50% of time for payroll and possibly more for administration, freeing employees up to focus on more value added jobs than data entry.

Moving forward, Port of Portland plans to implement NetSuite’s CRM functionality, which will support its move to attract and manage new customers. This will give all employees a complete view of every interaction with its customers, further streamlining its business and improving customer satisfaction.

“Port of Portland’s executives and employees now have the functionality, information and tools they need to manage key aspects of their business better and streamline operations,” said Mark Troselj, managing director of APAC and Japan for NetSuite. “NetSuite now supports Port of Portland’s financial and operational efficiency, delivers real-time visibility and consolidation, and also provides flexibility for customization to fulfil its unique needs within the shipping industry.”

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Shell seeks artists to capture story

Refining crude oil into gasoline may be mostly science, but there is always room for a little art in the process.And Shell Canada hopes a project called Art Refined will capture the humanity behind the steel and steam at the Scotford Refinery near Fort Saskatchewan.Shell is undertaking a shutdown for repairs and maintenance this fall, and is seeking local artists to spend time at the site and tell the stories of the turnaround through their art.

The 10 artists-in-residence chosen will each spend a shift at Scotford, and have full access to the site.As well, Canadian photojournalist Tim Van Horn will be there for a week to capture as many as 2,Shop for wholesale Granite countertops from China!013 individual portraits of the many people from many backgrounds with different skills coming together to complete one job, according to Shell.

His photos will form a huge mosaic of Team Scotford, which will be shown along with work from the other artists at the Art Gallery of Alberta later this year in an exhibit celebrating the tradespeople employed by Alberta industries.We want to share information about what a turnaround is with the public, and we thought if we bring in someone external,You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup. like an artist who is creative and has a different way of looking at things, we can share these stories, said Scotford spokesman Stephen Velthuizen.

We have not heard of this approach happening anywhere in the world, so it would be first. But I dont think it will be the last, he added.The 10 artists will represent different mediums fine art, three-dimensional art, ceramics, sculptures, print making, alternative art, graphic design or photography and will be able to select one of three shifts at Scotford starting the week of Sept. 15 a weekday day, weekend evening or weekend shift. For safety reasons they will all have a Shell escort at the busy site.

The local artists will be asked to focus on one of three themes profile, craft or industry. A profile would tell the story of an individual or group who delivers the turnaround, a craft angle would interpret the connection of an individual or group to their craft or trade, while an industry approach would interpret the overall effort that it takes to keep an industrial site like a refinery running safely and efficiently through a turnaround.Shop for the largest selection of Granite tiles at everyday low prices.Artists will receive a $1,000 honorarium and have their work entered in an art contest with prize money based on the categories. Shell and the contractors will vote on the submissions.

Velthuizen said the impacts of a turnaround something major operations like refineries, chemical plants and upgraders undergo regularly is little known by the public.These turnarounds are 24/7 operations which can last weeks at a time, and are essential to the operation of the plant, he said. They also have an effect on the local economy,Browse our Granite slabs collection from the granitetrade.net! and it shows that with the number of facilities in the Edmonton region there are lots of opportunities for these tradespeople here and they dont have to go up north.

Like all refiners planning a shutdown, Shell has stored extra fuel and made purchases so that its customers will not notice any change in supply during September, Velthuizen said.

Early in the day, stocks got a boost after orders for durable manufactured goods dropped more than expected in July. Since hitting all-time highs early this month, stocks have fallen back amid worries that the Federal Reserve is preparing to reduce, or “taper,” its stimulative monthly bond buying as the economy shows signs of improvement.

Those worries eased Monday after the Commerce Department reported that total orders for big-ticket items built to last three years or more fell 7.3 per cent in July, compared with forecasts for a 4 per cent drop.

“Data presented so far today looks pretty squishy,” said Dan Veru, chief investment officer at Palisade Capital Management. “If you listen carefully to what the Fed has said, they’re following the data, so maybe it’s not September” when the Fed announces it is reducing its stimulus efforts.

Speculation about changes to Fed policies has waylaid the rally in stocks. After hitting an all-time high on August 2, the Dow has fallen 4.5 per cent, though it remains up 14 per cent in 2013.

Light, summer trading volumes makes the market “vulnerable to market-moving news,” Mr Veru said. “If there is news, itchy trigger fingers tend to exaggerate moves in either direction.”

European markets eased, with the Stoxx Europe 600 down 0.1 per cent, while Asian markets were mostly higher. China’s Shanghai Composite Index jumped 1.9 per cent after the official Xinhua news agency cited a spokesman from the National Bureau of Statistics saying the economy will reach its growth target of 7.5 per cent this year. Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average slipped 0.2 per cent.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury note edged lower on Monday to 2.805 per cent from 2.816 per cent late Friday. October oil futures ticked down 0.A China Stone Carving concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets.5 per cent to settle at $US105.92 a barrel, while August gold futures declined 0.2 per cent to settle at $US1393.00 a troy ounce. The US dollar lost ground against the yen but rose versus the euro.

In other corporate news, Anadarko Petroleum advanced 1.4 per cent after the energy-exploration company agreed to sell a stake in a natural-gas field off the Mozambique coast to a subsidiary of India’s Oil & Natural Gas for $US2.6 billion.

Fertiliser companies like Monsanto, up 1.5 per cent, and Mosaic up 1.2 per cent, all pushed higher. Gains come after the chief executive of Russia’s Uralkali was arrested in Belarus on Monday. Last month, the industry’s stocks tumbled after Uralkali said it would sever a relationship with Belarusian Potash Co, a move that the company said would sharply reduce prices of the fertiliser component.

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Covered Market needs promotion to boost fortunes

The departure of the shop C which had been operating in the 239-year-old city centre venue since 2001 C is the latest twist in a saga that the Labour-run authority says it is doing everything it can to resolve.The market appears to be at a turning point. Traders spoken to by the Mail say footfall is down, though council leader Bob Price says it has a high number of visitors and its the offer that is often lacking.

The authority believes action is needed to boost traders profits and is spending 44,000 on a retail consultants report, due in the coming two months.You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup.The council has a vested interest in doing this C it wants to put rents up by as much as 70 per cent and is awaiting results from an independent adjudicator on five businesses, which will then determine the rest.

But executive board member for city development Colin Cook said: The actual rents are relatively low compared to many High Street retailers and the tenants also get many other benefits such as cleaning and insurance that High Street retailers dont. Some rents were hiked in 2007. Reviews take place every five years but the 2012 increases have been postponed until the adjudicator makes a ruling.My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers.

The authority says it is upholding its end of the bargain by keeping out multiple chains to preserve the markets character, but Mr Cook said the door has to swing both ways.He said: The traders need to work with us to improve the offer and provide stuff that people want to buy.

Traders say promotion and better signage to its entrances in Market Street and High Street is key, as an estimated five per cent of Cornmarket Street shoppers take a right turn to the market.The council said it had paid for advertising and promotion but refused to provide figures, saying traders also need to invest in their future through positive advertising and promotion.

And it scored something of an own goal when it put up a blue, flat entrance sign in Market Street in May, because traders said shoppers could not read the brass letters placed above it.Mr Cook said even the councils conservation officers were a bit disappointed at how visible it was but the letters were aimed at being sympathetic to the historic building. A monolith concrete post was added to High Street in November to draw shoppers in.

The council says it invested 520,000 in the Grade II listed building in the last year and is putting in 280,000 this year, including a new fire sprinkler system.Council leader Bob Price said improving the look of the market further is expected to be a key recommendation from consultants The Retail Group, along with what businesses are needed to thrive long-term.

The council refused to provide footfall visitor figures but Mr Price said: Footfall isnt a problem. The footfall in the city centre, particularly in the context of the tourist period, is huge.He said what shops offer is the key. You no longer get people who wander in with a basket to get a pound of carrots or packet of fish. You need to look at the sort of thing that is going to appeal more to the leisure shopper.

More niche shops are needed, he said, because food stalls have been hit by supermarkets, including two Tesco and two Sainsbury stores in the city.Stores at the market include newsagents, butchers, hair salons and flower stalls sit alongside luxury luggage outlets, a mobile phone shop, cafe and jewellers.Chris Farren, chairman of the Covered Market Traders Association, said rent is not the be all and end all but it must tally with footfall.

Mr Farren, who runs The Cake Shop, said: We need to change the perception of the market, we need a better awareness from Cornmarket Street, we need signs directing them.The consultants took traders to London markets such as Covent Garden and Spitalfields, which Mr Farren said benefited from a on-site manager, an issue set to be addressed in the final report.

Weve almost all bought things from Monoprice — most likely some cables, maybe printer toner, perhaps some speakers. They certainly come to mind for those products, but until recently you didnt think of them for monitors. Now they offer a line of 27 and 30 IPS displays that are priced to compete with the imported models from South Korea. Their newest 27 model is also the least expensive: the Zero-G Slim.

The 27 2560×1440 IPS display sells for only $390, or $386 if you want to order 50+ of them at once. That’s more expensive than some import brands, but it does undercut competitors like Nixeus in the budget 27 realm. One way it gets here is by being DVI only. There is a VGA input, but if you want to stay all digital youll need to use DVI.

It also features an external power brick. Many people arent as bothered by this as I am, but I prefer an IEC connector. The strangest design choice is the on-screen controls. The front of the display is very clean,Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. with a metal finish around the front and a very simple look. To accomplish this all controls have been placed on the back of the screen.Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape. There are no labels on the front to guide you. You need to learn the buttons and rely on memory to use the OSD. This isnt the worst design Ive used but it isnt far off. Perhaps most users never adjust anything on their display,A China Stone Carving concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets. but I dont like to reach around back and fumble around for the power button and other controls.

The OSD has access to basic controls and preset color temperatures. There is a gamma control that is curiously labeled On/Off and not with a numeric value. Beyond the basic controls and a one-point adjustable color temperature, there isnt much you can adjust on the Monoprice.

The flat front look that Monoprice uses looks nice from a distance, but up close and in use the 1 bezel feels very large. The bezel on my monitor next to it is larger, but being raised and not flat causes it to feel smaller. Its a personal thing but it felt like I was looking at a massive bezel while using it.

The glossy finish of the Zero-G will certainly make some people very happy. Its not glass but a laminate in front of the panel that has an anti-glare treatment applied. It isnt the reflection magnet that some displays are, but it also doesnt hide them well. In the Brightness and Contrast section, youll see what I think they do to deal with the inherent issues of a glossier finish.

With an IPS panel, the viewing angles on the Monoprice leave nothing to worry about. Youll have a bigger issue with reflections from the screen finish than you will from any colors washing out or having contrast shifts. Those flaws are absent from any normal viewing angle.

The stand attaches easily with two screws at the base but offers almost nothing in the way of adjustments. Tilt is the only thing you can adjust on the Zero-G with the included stand. There are standard 100mm VESA mounts on the back for an after-market stand if you need more flexibility.

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Broad strokes

Contemporary Chinese painter Luo Zhongli’s representative oil painting work Father made a very deep impression on many Chinese people when it won a national prize in 1981. The large-scale photorealist portrait of a weather-beaten old Chinese farmer has a strong visual effect and emotional power.However, few people pay much attention to the small ballpoint pen that pokes out from the farmer’s white turban. And even fewer people know that there was no ballpoint pen in Luo’s original painting.

Father is currently being exhibited at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai. At the exhibition site, Li Xu, the deputy director of the venue, told visitors the story behind the pen.After Luo finished his original version of Father, many of his friends, who were painters, teachers or professors in China’s fine arts circle at the time, reminded Luo that it was better to depict the farmer he painted as representative of farmers in the new, modernized society of post-1949 China.

Therefore, after reflecting on it, Luo added a small ballpoint pen tucked behind the farmer’s ear in order to show that he was a “literate (youwenhua)” farmer.Soon after that, in 1981, the painting was awarded the first prize at the second China Youth Art Exhibition, arousing a huge response from the public.

For people today, the story of the pen probably sounds a little absurd, and indeed, the pen looks rather incongruous in the otherwise highly realistic portrait of an old farmer. However, it demonstrates that in that era of China, the desire to adhere to Mao-era political correctness was still deeply ingrained in many Chinese people’s minds, even in the circle of fine arts.That is probably the significance of Luo’s Father appearing at the retrospective exhibition titled Portrait of the Times: 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art at the Power Station of Art.

The ongoing exhibition features about 117 Chinese artists and 300 works of art. The works span from the late 1970s, the era of reform and opening-up, until today and include various forms including painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography.Li is the curator of the exhibition. He told the Global Times that during the past 30 years, China’s economic and cultural development, as well as Chinese people’s growing self cognition and social involvement, are reflected by Chinese artists’ works over these years.

“Through this retrospective exhibition on the past 30 years of Chinese contemporary art, not only can visitors have an overview of the development of Chinese contemporary art, but more importantly, it shows the huge changes that China and Chinese people have experienced in the past 30 years.”In 1993, the 58-year-old Shanghai-born artist Gu Wenda launched his worldwide art project, the United Nations Project, to make a series of installation artworks using human hair and cryptic calligraphy.

The United Nations – Human Space, one of the art works from the series, is currently hanging on the top of the exhibition hall on the first floor of the Power Station of Art.Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. It is a huge installation work consisting of various national flags made from human hair from different countries.

“The hairs could be regarded as a metaphor for the mixture of races,” Li said, “and the artist gathered them together to show his idea about the internationalized evolution of human identity.”Gu, who studied and worked in the US,Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape. Canada and Australia after leaving China in 1987, has achieved recognition on the global stage. The British art historian Edward Lucie-Smith called Gu “the most celebrated of a new generation of avant-garde artists who emerged from China in the very late 1980s and early 1990s.”

“I always remember my first solo exhibition held in Xi’an in 1986 was shut down by the local authorities,” Gu told the Global Times. The exhibition, which featured paintings of fake ideograms on a massive scale, was thought to carry subversive messages. “But now, almost 30 years later, my works can be displayed in a State-owned art museum.” The Power Station of Art is the first State-owned contemporary art museum in China.”When I left China in 1987, there were no private art galleries here, but now, the whole country is practically covered with art galleries,” Gu said.

The works of Xiao Quan and Lu Yunmin, two well-known Chinese photographers, are also on display at the exhibition. It is not often that an art exhibition in China will include photography works.Xiao’s portrait works, Our Generation, focus on the elites in contemporary China’s culture and art circles, who were mostly born in the 1950s and started their careers in the 1980s. His subjects include the celebrated film director Zhang Yimou, the pioneering rock star Cui Jian and the well-known contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang.

Xiao’s photos make an interesting contrast with the portrait photos that are hanging on the opposite wall, taken by Lu. Titled Shanghainese, the photos record vivid moments in the daily lives of Shanghainese families.Before she got angry, local artist Elizabeth Berrys watercolor and oil paintings reflected snapshots of stunning colour and pastoral beauty around the world. Vivid poppy fields in France. Pretty East Coast fishing coves. Strutting, scarlet-crowned roosters in the Carribean.Shop Floor & Decor for the largest selection of Xiamen Shun Stone Granite tiles at everyday low prices. Upgrade your home today!

But then came the morning after the Victoria Day long weekend in May.Her regular, early morning walk on the waterfront brought her to a scene on Woodbine Beach that got her so mad, she immediately beetled back to her home on Neville Park Blvd.You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tapeManufacturers at Sdktapegroup. (a 6.5-kilometre round trip), picked up her paint gear and returned to the scene of the grime to immortalize what she saw.

Its evocatively titled Woodbine Beach Litter, a 15-by-22-inch watercolour that took her about four hours to create on site, with a return trip the following day at which she added one of the litters few fans, a seagull, and waves.The garbage depicted in the painting pizza packaging, coffee cups, pop cans, cigarette butts and more was all real and on the scene and repeated in various clumps throughout the beach.

Its nothing new, but its getting worse, says Berry, whos in her late 60s and walks the boardwalk every day. She sees all sorts of litter from food-related to personal, like abandoned diapers continually along the route,My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers. although the quotient goes up as soon as the good weather arrives and stays high until after the Labour Day weekend.

When the historic Annapolis Market House reopens in the next couple of weeks, patrons will walk underneath Jean Tyson’s bright red hollyhocks and Dixie Sangster’s Cubist rendition of a vase of flowers.The two women are among 16 artists who contributed artwork for banners that will hang near the ceiling of the Market House. Eight banners, each more than 8 feet long, feature works from the Annapolis Senior Center’s corps of art students, one on each side.

All of the artwork features brightly colored flowers. The idea is to give a vibrant pop of color to the interior of the Market House, even when it’s dark and gray outside in the winter, said Sally Wern Comport of ArtWalk, the organization that linked the senior center artists with the Market House.

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Canal Day in Wharton spotlights music

Wharton’s 38th Annual Canal Day Music and Craft Festival drew hundreds of visitors to Hugh Force Canal Park on Saturday.A China Stone Carving concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets. The all-day event celebrates the Morris Canal and its contributions to the development of the communities, like Wharton, that live along its banks.“The canal provided the first major commercial transportation system through New Jersey. The canal is a progression,Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape. and it starts off with people wanting to make money,” said Joe Macasek, president of The Canal Society of New Jersey.

“Well, it all started with coal. And that coal was in Pennsylvania. But it was no good there unless you could sell it to somebody. So they built canals to take the coal from Pennsylvania to places like Wharton, places like New York City, where they could sell coal so that people could build factories and heat their homes.”

The Canal Society of New Jersey provided free boat rides down the Morris Canal for history buffs to learn about the local past. Guided walking tours allowed visitors to do the same but they didn’t have to get into a boat.“I talk about iron mining, but he really did it,” Macasek said, pointing to Ken Cramer, who spent 45 years at the Mount Hope Mine until it closed in 1978.

“I had an office on the 1,700-foot level and I was in charge of engineering and maintenance. I felt safer in the mines than I do on Route 80,” the Ironia resident said. “That’s what made Morris County, the mines.”Wharton resident Jeri August brought her grandsons Sebastian,My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers. 6, and C.J. Orrico, 6, of Hampton, to see where she grew up.

“There used to be a swimming pool here,” August said, pointing to the canal at the kayak jumping-off point. “It was the Wharton swimming pool and it was cement. It’s a nice town. It’s grown a lot. I was always interested in the history of Wharton. The town is really old. This is a fun event, always nice to come to.”Visitors were invited to try a kayak ride on the canal, courtesy of Ramsey Outdoor, while others walked alongside the water, following the trail leading to a pontoon boat, another available option.

There were demonstrations from the New Jersey Blacksmithing Association, Psycho 78 Roller Derby, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office’s K-9 Unit and the Picatinny Arsenal’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit.With his Bloodhound Ripley, Mike Flora from Search & Rescue demonstrated how his dog would track someone using volunteers from the audience.“New Jersey state requires all dogs to do 16 hours of training a month, so we’re qualifying here today,” Flora said. “But she’s always training and will be for the rest of her life. She’s a good dog. You just can’t believe how much these dogs can do.”

Purrs-n-Pups sponsored a pet costume parade and contest. There were pony rides and hay rides along the canal and fireworks when the sun went down.You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup.Festival goers were able to sample an array of foods including gyros, tacos, empanadas, kettle corn, fried Oreos, lemonade, ice cream, crab cakes, barbecue and even all-day soda, courtesy of Soda City.Jennifer Berta and her daughter Emily, 11, walked Monkey, a small, chubby, brown dog that Eleventh Hour Rescue was trying to find a home for.

“The only way to get them adopted is to get them out and about,” said Berta, of Rockaway. “We’re at all these festivals and any type of event, so people see them.”With their family, Edward Loosemore, 13, and his sister Sophia, 10, brought five of their foster dogs, which they walked around the fairgrounds.“We need to get them adopted. We want them to have a good home,” said Edward Loosemore of Denville. “We’re also taking care of seven 4-week-old puppies. It’s great.”

“It’s a lot of fun,” Sophia Loosemore said.All day long, a wide variety of musical entertainers rocked the canal at the park’s gazebo and the large stage. The music included artists in rock, blues, country, classical and Irish Folk music, all drawing crowds of appreciative listeners.

Cathy Wojtach and sons 6, and Nicholas, 4, petted the dogs from Eleventh Hour Rescue, who sat in cages waiting to be walked.“We’re here for the first time. We heard there’s a lot going on. It’s a nice day to be out, but mostly it’s to get the kids out,” said Wojtach, a resident of Green Township. “They have pony rides, kayak rides. There’s a lot of stuff. And canal rides but I’m not doing that.”

With their friend Janet Gonzalez, they headed towards the bandstand where Gonzalez’ son Lucas and his band, Shoes Down, were playing.“We’re here to see the band. They all go to Dover High School,” said Gonzalez, who lives in Dover.“It’s a shame we were on so early, everyone was just getting here,” said Shoes Down’s rhythm guitarist, Jeff Miller. “But for our first time on a big stage, it was a great.”

Wharton’s 38th Annual Canal Day Music and Craft Festival drew hundreds of visitors to Hugh Force Canal Park on Saturday. The all-day event celebrates the Morris Canal and its contributions to the development of the communities, like Wharton, that live along its banks.

“The canal provided the first major commercial transportation system through New Jersey. The canal is a progression, and it starts off with people wanting to make money,” said Joe Macasek, president of The Canal Society of New Jersey.

“Well,Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. it all started with coal. And that coal was in Pennsylvania. But it was no good there unless you could sell it to somebody. So they built canals to take the coal from Pennsylvania to places like Wharton, places like New York City, where they could sell coal so that people could build factories and heat their homes.”

Click on their website http://www.granitetrade.net/!

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Tape measure is telling as game continues to grow

One recent breezy evening in Montreal, Juan Martín del Potro traded powerful serves and thunderous forehands with Milos Raonic for two otherwise uninspiring sets, won by Raonic. This tale of tall tennis players highlighted what many have contended — and in some cases feared — will be the future of men’s professional tennis.

In another setting — a basketball arena, for instance — del Potro, at 6 feet 6 inches, and Raonic, at 6 feet 5 inches, would have stacked up as average-size competitors. On a tennis court measuring 78 feet long by 36 feet wide, they looked a little out of place, even against each other, like neighboring apartment towers hovering over a quaint suburban village.

Raonic’s new coach, Ivan Ljubicic, said that was only because longtime followers of men’s tennis had been conditioned to watching smaller or more average-size men compete. But the trend toward taller players is indisputable, he said, while stopping short of proclaiming the sky as the limit.“I don’t think the tour will become a 6-7, 6-8 tour,” Ljubicic said.

“Yes,My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers. if you are that size, it could be an advantage, but tennis, I think, will be more about 6-5, where you can make the most out of the height without giving up too much in the other areas. And if the tall guy can move really well, then you have something special,” Ljubicic added.

Tennis players have been getting bigger for years. When Lendl emerged as a force in the early 1980s, rare was the top-ranked man who was more than 6 feet. A decade later, Andre Agassi, at 5-11, and especially Michael Chang, at 5-9,Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape. were considered undersize overachievers.

In those days, Boris Becker, at 6-3, contended that men’s tennis was not only trending tall but would eventually be dominated by players well over 6 feet. Although part of his prediction has not come true, it may be premature to say he was wrong.

Heading into the U.S. Open, nine of the top 32 men’s players were at least 6 feet 5 inches — the tallest being Karlovic and the American John Isner, at 6-10. During this summer’s hardcourt season leading into the U.S. Open, del Potro defeated Isner in the finals in Washington. Raonic, a 22-year-old Canadian, made the final in Montreal, where he lost to Rafael Nadal. Isner upset No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals in Mason, Ohio, and outlasted del Potro in the semifinals before losing in two tiebreakers to Nadal.

“Every sport is going up and up,” Lendl said. “Look at basketball — and I don’t understand basketball — but I do know that the guys who were playing center before are playing wings now, or whatever you call them.”

A trend does not necessarily become the rule, however. The Miami Heat won consecutive National Basketball Association titles without a conventional center, and small, creative point guards have been in vogue for several years. In men’s tennis, taller players have produced increasingly good results, but the best or great players have been holding steady in the range of 6-1 to 6-3.

Patrick McEnroe,Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. a broadcaster and director of player development for the U.S. Tennis Association, argued that Roger Federer and Nadal, both 6-1, Djokovic (6-2) and Murray are and will remain the perfect fit for a game that demands the body stay low and coiled.

“Tennis is a movement sport at the highest level, especially now with the technology of rackets and strings,” McEnroe said. “A male player from 6-1 to 6-4 is going to move much better in a confined space than someone who is 6-5 to 6-10. Obviously,A China Stone Carving concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets.You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup. ball striking is also of primary importance, but in a series of stop-start movements, give me the more agile and mobile player all day.”

Nadal, a prime example of what McEnroe was talking about, acknowledged that taller players were here to stay and were becoming more difficult to contend with as they become more athletic. He said he was mystified, in fact, why Isner was not a regular top-10 player, given his intimidating serve and enormous wingspan.

“My feeling is if these players have the ability to learn a few things and to understand how to play the points, they have a big advantage,” Nadal said. “The dynamic of the game and the evolution of the game are going this way.”

But he added: “That’s my feeling. The real thing is another thing. The best players of the world are the players who have fantastic movements, the players who have good control of the ball, who are able to understand well how to play this game.”

That said, after defeating Jerzy Janowicz, the 6-8 Wimbledon semifinalist, in Montreal, Nadal called him “the next player in the top five — a future Grand Slam winner.”If Raonic and others like him succeed at the highest level, would bigger all around be better? Based on the early evidence, not so much.

Contemporary taller players are no longer the kind that the 5-9 Jimmy Arias played from 1980 to 1994, like the 6-7 Victor Amaya, “who I could have beaten in a race on my hands,” he said. But they typically do not play with the grace of Federer, the inspired passion of Nadal, or the quickness and versatility of Djokovic and Murray.

Exceptionally tall players may hit paralyzing serves and forehands but often lumber around the court in a way that is antithetical to the athleticism that has created a global groundswell of interest and excitement in men’s tennis.Jesse Levine, a 5-9 Canadian-born pro, likened the service games of Isner and Karlovic to him taking “one of these chairs and serving” while standing on it.

“I wish I knew what that feels like, but I don’t,” he said, adding that he hoped there would always be room for someone his size.Ljubicic, for one, did not offer much hope for the likes of Levine and the Spaniard David Ferrer, also 5-9 but ranked No. 4 on the strength of his bulldog mentality, superior conditioning and excellence on clay courts.

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Death of Polish man has turned the spotlight

He left his friends and family behind in Poland. But alcoholism, coupled with poor job prospects and ineligibility for social welfare, left him homeless.“He was a very pleasant, very nice man,I’m going to compile a list of sources for kapton tapes, for when you need to replace the tape that comes stock.” says Gerri McAuliffe of Trust, which has been supporting homeless people for decades in Dublin’s south inner city.

“Henryk would come here about three times a week, usually with a couple of other men from Poland . . . He would have a cup of tea or coffee, get a change of clothes.”Staff at Trust had grown fond of him over the past two years or so. But then last Friday came shocking news. The 43-year-old’s body had been found in a waste disposal facility.

He had been sleeping in an industrial-sized bin and ended up being crushed to death in a commercial waste pick-up truck. What made the circumstances of his death even more disturbing was that he had recently lost a long-term bed at a homeless hostel.According to staff, he was staying at a homeless hostel – Frederick Hall – in Dublin’s north inner city which was set aside to provide stable placements for homeless eastern European migrants. However, Piotrowski and others received notice to quit last month when authorities decided to stop using the facility as a migrant-specific hostel. It is now being used as a emergency one-night facility for all homeless people.

While some migrants were found alternative accommodation, many who had the security of a long-term bed were left to find emergency beds on a daily basis.It is unclear yesterday whether Piotrowski had been allocated an alternative bed, or whether he was left to find one.

At Trust, staff feel migrants like Piotrowski have been let down by a system which struggles to support these most marginalised members of the homeless community.“For many migrant homeless, there is no stability,” says Alice Leahy, co-founder of Trust. “They’re often not eligible for social welfare and they can’t access mainstream homeless services, so they have to ring up a freephone number every day and there’s no guarantee of a bed.”

The Mendicity Institute and the Polish support group Barka, along with Dublin City Council, have been working over recent years to assist migrants to either return home or access detox and therapy.But Leahy says she sees little sign of progress on the ground. She maintains that red-tape and invasive form-filling means many simply end up sleeping on the street or in squats instead.

You remember the Saints defense from last season, right? How New Orleans was ranked No. 32 in the league after allowing 440.1 yards per game, about 57 more than the second-to-worst team in the league and the highest total in NFL history? How the team really had no choice but to fire defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo after only one season in charge? How the Saints brought in Rob Ryan, who flamed out in Dallas, as the coordinator who would reform the defense?

So far, the defense — using Ryan’s aggressive, blitzing 3-4 scheme — has played better. In the preseason’s first two games, New Orleans gave up only 200 yards per game (yes, yes, I know exhibition games don’t mean much of anything, but still, it’s something),Dedicated to the manufacturing of pressure sensitive BOPP tapes with different supports. and though the Texans first-team offense blew through the Saints first-team defense early in Sunday’s game, New Orleans recovered in the second quarter and continued to give itself needed confidence while knocking off Houston 31-23.

One of the more impressive performances came from fifth-year veteran Ramon Humber. What, never heard of him? You wouldn’t be alone. He’s spent most of his career on special teams and as a backup linebacker, but because the Saints linebacker group is in flux, he’s had a chance this preseason to make a positive impact.

“He’s handling a lot of different elements to the game,” coach Sean Payton said. “He’s playing a lot of football and getting a lot of snaps. That’s good.”

Despite the fact he’s 5-foot-11 and 232 pounds — he’s the smallest linebacker on the roster — Humber finished with five tackles, tied for second-most on the squad. It’s encouraging for the team, because Sean Payton said Humber had an “exceptional” performance in its second preseason game against the Raiders when he recorded nine tackles and a sack.

“He’s undersized for a linebacker, but he definitely has a big, big heart,” defensive end Cameron Jordan said.Choose your favorite China Granite Countertops paintings from thousands of available designs. “He has a lot of tenacity, and he’s downright nasty. That’s what you want out of a linebacker.”

Considering the team isn’t sure about linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s health — one person I talked to Sunday said the fear is that Vilma’s career might be over and that the team might have to place him on the IR list — Humber is a player who could sneak into the starting lineup and have an impact in Vilma’s inside linebacker spot.

He showed the damage he could do Sunday midway through the third quarter when Texans running back Deji Karim took the handoff from T.J. Yates and tried to cut back behind the right guard.Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape. Though the Texans hadn’t shown that particular play on tape, Humber had a feeling that the play would be a run and that the ball would be heading his way.Sdktapegroup aluminum foil tapes is a team of highly qualified professionals working together to provide our customers with the highest quality products So, Humber plugged the hole, stopped Karim before he reached the goal line and got him to the ground to force the turnover.

Afterward in the locker room, Humber didn’t show much emotion while recounting his performance to a reporter. But it seems as though he’s pleased with his progress.

“As long as I can play [in the linebacker rotation] and I’m given the opportunity to showcase my skills,” Humber said, “I’m happy with everything.”

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US crafts Syria strike plans

US President Barack Obama met his national security advisers Saturday to discuss the chemical weapons attack in Syria, with American media reports saying that one of the options considered was the NATO air war in Kosovo in late 1990s as a possible blueprint for military action against the Middle East country without a mandate from the United Nations.

The top-level meeting took place amid indications that military assets are being positioned for a possible response to the new developments in Syria.Faced with the possibility of a Russian veto at the UN Security Council, President Obama is considering whether to order military strikes against Syria without UN Security Council’s approval, according to The New York Times.

In 1999, former president Bill Clinton used the endorsement of NATO and the pretext of protecting a vulnerable population to justify 78 days of airstrikes against Kosovo without UNSC’s endorsement.
President Obama indicated on Friday that doing so in Syria would require a robust international coalition.“If the US goes in and attacks another country without a UN mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it, do we have the coalition to make it work?” Obama said in an interview with CNN.The Syrian government and the army categorically denied any role in Wednesday’s alleged chemical attack.

A senior administration official told the Times on condition of anonymity that the Kosovo precedent was one of many options being discussed in White House meetings on Syria.The Washington Post quoted an unnamed official as saying, “We have a range of options available, and we are going to act very deliberately so that we’re making decisions consistent with our national interest, as well as our assessment of what can advance our objectives in Syria.Choose your favorite China Granite Countertops paintings from thousands of available designs.Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape. Once we ascertain the facts, the president will make an informed decision about how to respond.”

The official gave no indication of the timing of a decision. The meeting will include a review of intelligence that has been gathered since Wednesday, when the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad allegedly launched a major chemical weapons barrage against an eastern suburb of Damascus.
Among the options at Obama’s disposal are cruise-missile-armed US ships currently in the Mediterranean.
Speaking to reporters Friday during a trip to the Far East, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel indicated assets in the region are being bolstered and repositioned to bring them within range of Syria.
Hagel declined to discuss any specific force movements, but said that “the Defence Department has a responsibility to provide the president with options for contingencies, and that requires positioning our forces, positioning our assets, to be able to carry out different options — whatever options the president might choose.”

The AP said that a fourth US warship had been sent to join others in the Mediterranean, but without any immediate orders to take action.In the CNN interview Friday, Obama said he wanted to avoid “jumping into stuff that does not turn out well, gets us mired in very difficult situations” and may not comport with international law.But he described the situation as “grave” and said that his decision-making had been accelerated in the wake of the attack, in which opposition activists have said at least hundreds perished. He said the fast-moving crisis could affect “some core national interests that the United States has,” including nonproliferation and regional stability.

The administration has been in close contact with allies and partners from Britain to Turkey throughout the week, The Washington Post said. US officials have repeatedly indicated they would seek an international mandate or, at the very least, closely coordinate with partners.General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,Sdktapegroup aluminum foil tapes is a team of highly qualified professionals working together to provide our customers with the highest quality products is also scheduled to meet Saturday with regional defence chiefs from the Middle East “to discuss the region’s dynamic security environment,” a Pentagon official said. The use of cruise missiles to strike Syrian military targets is one of a range of possible actions that Dempsey has said the Pentagon has prepared for Obama over the past several months.

Russia, Syria’s principal ally, has accused the opposition of staging Wednesday’s attack to discredit Assad. But all options have remained on hold pending confirmation of the chemical attack.
UN inspectors currently in Damascus have not yet been able to visit the site of the incident, as the United States and Russia have traded charges over which of Syria’s warring camps was blocking the probe.

In a series of statements Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it had urged the Syrian government to permit the inspections and praised its “constructive approach.” But the ministry said there had been “no signals from the opposition .I’m going to compile a list of sources for kapton tapes, for when you need to replace the tape that comes stock.?.?. to ensure safe work of the UN experts in the territory it controls.”

At UN Headquarters In New York, Kevin Kennedy, acting head of the UN Department of Safety and Security, said his office was still awaiting permission. He said the department is conducting an assessment of the risks, after which it will make a recommendation on whether “it is a go or a no-go.”The International Committee of the Red Cross has been unsuccessfully seeking government permission to visit Ghouta,Dedicated to the manufacturing of pressure sensitive BOPP tapes with different supports. the area where the attack took place, for more than six months, ICRC spokeswoman Rima Kamal said in a telephone interview from Damascus.

“The opposition is still in control there, and military operations have been ongoing in the area intermittently on and off for several months,” she said. This week, Kamal said, “was an escalation of military operations, but that’s not the exception.”

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EMI Helps Global Food Manufacturer

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) systems help companies tap into the vast quantities of data they collect from their manufacturing and other operations and turn those data into actionable information for decision support to help run their plants better and more efficiently.

EMI technology can help improve production and minimize human mistakes and improve efficiencies. Even the most experienced workers can use some help with today’s complex processes. Many manufacturers use software tools to help manage, reduce waste, and improve productivity. Analytics-based applications and dashboards can help companies better understand what is happening in the plant and predict where it is heading.

Today’s global food industry is very competitive; industry participants need a competitive edge and,Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial. ideally, a unique niche, to remain in business.

At a large food manufacturing plant in the US, for example, in addition to producing its popular brands of french fries, the company also produced terabytes of data and storing it in file servers. However, the data were not always easily accessible, and thus not terribly useful for operations. The process control manager at the plant questioned the value of collecting data, if no one could access and use it in a timely manner.

Clearly, many manufacturers today do not take advantage of all available data to help make better decisions. When the company started this project, its daily reports were created after an event (often a day or two later); too late to help the floor supervisor avoid the event in the first place. In other words, the company was acting in a reactive, rather than proactive mode.My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers.

Prior to this EMI project, there was a general lack of collaboration within the company; with manufacturing silos and islands of data resulting from the earlier merging of several smaller companies. The company’s traditional reporting model involved disparate data stored in DCSs, PLCs, historians, SCADA, LIMS, QA, statistical, bill of materials, and energy systems and databases. Lack of real-time data meant people had to rely on “tribal knowledge;” a set of unwritten rules or information known by some of the experienced workers.

Prior to its EMI technology implementation, the company was not mining its historical data to be able to make to make better decisions on the plant floor. Instead, the company typically rolled up data from each of the disparate applications into production, waste, quality, energy, and other reports. In these types of situations, employees tended to create their own custom reports, which did not help solve data silo and collaboration issues.

To help solve these issues, the company implemented Rockwell Automation Factory Talk VantagePoint EMI software at this plant to help integrate data, produce reports,You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup. and provide visualization capabilities. Along with Rockwell Automation, the company partnered with Stone Tek, an EMI integration provider to identify and define the project challenges, architect the solution, and implement the system.Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape.

In general, companies need to do a better job of articulating what information and reports they need. Management, users,A China Stone Carving concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets. and implementers can all have different ideas, making it necessary to achieve upfront alignment among key stakeholders. This lesson became apparent when the company initially let the integrator work in a vacuum to determine what information and reports were needed, requiring additional work before a satisfactory solution was created.

According to the plant’s process control engineer, the process begins by diagramming the available data and involving all stakeholders to determine the gaps. It’s critical for the needs to define the technology solution, not the other way around.

ARC believes that KPIs are a good place to start when initiating EMI. Companies need to focus on the appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs), such as production, raw material loss, quality, and energy. These provide the basis for how the company groups data. For example, data on actual production (measured in pounds per hour) are compared against budgeted production as a KPI. Raw material loss is based on data on the amount of raw materials actually ending up as sellable product (yield or recovery). The quality KPI involves data on rejected products and the reasons for the rejects. The energy KPI involves data on cost-per-pound that each energy component contributed towards the final cost.

It’s important to display the information from the KPIs on an executive dashboard that summarizes the data from disparate databases. While dashboarding isn’t a new concept, ARC believes that visualization capabIn this case, the company found that it was very helpful to work with a partner that had both experience with these types of projects and a structured project methodology. While it’s tempting to skip over the initial phases and move to more advanced project phases to reduce cost, a clearly defined project approach is essential for project success.

Early buy in by management and stakeholders is also essential. To get buy-in throughout the organization and to show them the value of the solution, it is important to involve everyone who is affected. ilities and connectivity ease have improved immensely over the past few years and manufacturers should take advantage of this.

The plant already had a historian and custom-developed applications including quality, bill of materials, and a number of other databases developed over the years. The company’s goal was to maintain the existing databases, but determine how it could bring the data together transparently to provide plant workers with dashboards that showed how different conditions impacted production. Another goal was to be able to examine plant interactions to determine how it could improve manufacturing efficiencies.
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Japan’s Wearable Masterpieces

When you consider the amount of time that one of Japans most famous kimono makers spends on each garment, even the most celebrated Western couture houses start to look like fast fashion. Chiso, founded in Kyoto in 1555, creates standard kimonos in three to four months, but it is not unusual for special orders to take 18 months or more. The company even spent 10 years helping to develop a dyeing technique for one special indigo kimono.

Chiso expresses the essence of Japanese beauty, said Hiragane Yuichi, director of the Arts and Crafts Association in Osaka, who used to train Chisos designers. It is a company, but it isnt just a business. It creates a culture of Japanese beauty.

Managers say there are 20 to 25 steps to producing a kimono, from design to sales. Our producing process starts from planning, and then designing, checking right after each process is done, said Emi Kanasaki, manager of Sohya, Chisos modern kimono brand, which was founded in 2005.

About 70 of Chisos 100 employees work at its headquarters on Sanjo Street in central Kyoto. (The rest work in the Tokyo office.) The building has a popular tea house on the ground floor and a small gallery for kimono displays.

One morning, designers in a spare office space upstairs were copying an old kimono pattern onto a large piece of paper. A young man sat at a desktop computer nearby with a pretty kimono pattern displayed on its large monitor. Chiso has been using computers in the design process for five years, and now sends digital versions to clients to show potential mixes of pattern, color and material. The team also draws on its own library, with books and filing cabinets filled with kimono designs dating back hundreds of years.

En Isomoto, Chisos production manager and president of one of its two subsidiaries, pulled out books on water and the Edo Period, as well as a design inspired by Venices Grand Canal, to show a visitor. Each object represents something different in kimono design, he explained. Water represents eternity and power. A pine tree represents strength. It is a good omen.

Clients choices, even today,You Can Buy Various High Quality Bopp Tape Products from Global Bopp Tape Suppliers and BOPP tape Manufacturers at Sdktapegroup. reflect the traditional Japanese respect for nature. Cherry blossom can only be worn in January, February or March, Ms. Kanasaki said. There are two aims in the design for the wearer: to show their enjoyment in the season and to show their education.My way of applying kapton tape to Glass plates for RepRap style 3d Printers.Kimono trends also are influenced by Western fashion, Mr. Isomoto said, like the most popular colors of a particular fashion season.

Akiko Fukai, chief curator and director of the celebrated Kyoto Costume Institute, said such inspiration works both ways. There have been many Western designers influenced by the kimono, she said, noting that both Prada and Gucci had references in their spring/summer 2013 collections. Over the years, so have designers like Madeleine Vionnet, Jacques Doucet, Mariano Fortuny, John Galliano and Dries Van Noten.

Chiso itself has an innovative attitude, Ms. Fukai continued, including its collaboration with many fashion designers, in particular Yohji Yamamoto. Most kimono makers in Kyoto are too conservative to look at the new field. In 2005, the company created a special line of flip-flops for Havaianas and it has designed labels for the Japanese beverage giant Suntory for five years.

Although the yukata, or simple summer kimono, has come back into fashion with some young Japanese, kimonos now are mainly reserved for such special occasions as weddings and graduations. Chiso annually sells around 5,000 through major department stores and custom makes about 100, with prices ranging from 380,Sdktapegroup a wide selection of 3M double sided tape, Double Sided Tape 3M and 3M Two Sided Tape.000 to 10 million, or about $3,900 to $103,000. Sometimes there come special orders of up to 20 million, Ms. Kanasaki said, adding that the companys most expensive garment sold for 35 million about 10 years ago.

The organization, formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, found that only 14 movies featured characters identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual, and none included transgender characters. Just four pictures included LGBT characters that GLAAD determined had substantial roles in the film’s plot.

“I think it is bad because I think movies should reflect our society more,” said producer Dan Jinks, whose credits include “Milk,” which centered on the late gay rights activist Harvey Milk. “And the flip side is that there are now so many gay characters appearing in network and cable television shows.”

GLAAD gave Fox and Disney “failing” grades for the lack of “LGBT-inclusive films,” with Disney releasing one such movie, “The Avengers,” and Fox putting out none. The remaining four studios received “adequate” ratings. None received a grade of “good” or “excellent.”

“Hollywood films are one of the country’s most visible cultural exports. They not only impact culture in our country, but in other places too,” said GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz, who noted the recent passage of an anti-gay law in Russia that makes it a crime to publicly support “nontraditional” relationships. “It is a very timely report.Solvent resistant, dead soft aluminum foil tape with a high performance acrylic adhesive engineered for a wide range of aerospace and industrial.”

A GLAAD official said the organization shared some data from the report with the studios before its release.A China Stone Carving concept that would double as a quick charge station for gadgets. All six studios declined to comment or did not respond to requests for comment.

GLAAD releases two annual reports that examine the television business. One of those studies is the “Network Responsibility Index,” which tracks on TV what the new study tracked on film.

The other, “Where We Are on TV,” records the number of series with regular LGBT characters. The most recent report found that at the start of the 2012-13 television season, the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in scripted television series was at a record high.

Cruz and Matt Kane, associate director of entertainment media at GLAAD, said the television industry had made great strides in the last decade or so, with the findings from last year leading GLAAD to consider the movie business.

“We are hoping that the same thing that happened in the TV industry happens in the film industry,” said Cruz, also an actor best known for playing a gay high school student on “My So-Called Life,” a TV show that aired for one season in 1994-95 and now has a cult following.

The Studio Responsibility Index introduces a test, named for GLAAD co-founder Vito Russo, that the organization hopes movie studios will apply to its projects. To pass the “Russo Test,” a film must contain an identifiably LGBT character, who must not be solely identified by their sexual orientation or gender identity, and who must be tied to the film’s plot so that his or her removal from the story would have a major effect on it.
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